18-Up Jeep Wrangler JL

Currie® bolt-in axle packages are built to the legendary Currie Standard and loaded with superior features and strength, all wrapped in field-proven and time-tested designs. They take the guesswork out of upgrading the running gear of your Jeep Wrangler JL with heavy-duty OEM fit brackets and set up for vehicles with up to 4-inches of lift. Available for both front and rear applications, Currie axle packages arrive completely assembled and ready to bolt-in.

Currie Legacy - JL Replacement Gears

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Currie Iron Differential Covers - Wrangler JL

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Currie 44 - Jeep Wrangler JL Front Axle Assembly


Currie HD60 - Jeep Wrangler JL Front Axle Assembly

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Currie HD60 - Jeep Wrangler JL Rear Axle Assembly

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Currie Extreme 60 - Jeep Wrangler JL Axle Assemblies


The Currie Extreme 60 1-ton front and rear axle assemblies for the 2018 and newer Jeep Wrangler JL are designed for severe off-road use with up to 42-inch tall tires and V8 horsepower. The reinforced Extreme 60 center castings feature thick walls and heavy webbing, providing ultimate gear strength and durability. The front axle incorporates complete 1-ton inner and outer steering assemblies, and the rear implements 40-spline axles and billet full-floating hubs to deliver ultimate reliability. If you seek out the most challenging routes and most formidable obstacles to conquer, the Extreme 60 axles are a natural choice.

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Currie Extreme 60 Details:

  • Available in 70 or 72.5-Inch Axle Widths
  • Choice of Front or Rear only, or Full Axle Set
  • Choice of Low or High-Pinion Rear Axle
  • Choice of Selectable Locker and Gear Ratio

Exclusive Extreme 60 Features:

  • Front High-Clearance Center Section with Rotated Cover with Low-Friction Skid Plate Improves Obstacle Slide-Over
  • Front 1-Ton Inner C's and Outer Steering Knuckles with Currie F350 Unit Bearings are Baja Proven and Ultra4 Tested Tough
  • Front Heat Treated Chromoly Tie Rod with 1-Ton Ends
  • Heat-Treated Chromoly Rear Full-Float Spindles, Billet Hubs, and 40-Spline Axles Deliver Maximum Strength and Durability
  • Massive 14.250 in. Front and 13.75 in. Rear Vented Rotors Deliver Abundant Stopping Power
  • 8-Lug Wheel Bolt Pattern for Ultimate Reliability
  • UV Stable Satin Black Powder Coat Finish


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Currie 70 Platinum Edition - High-Pinion JL Rubicon 392 Axle Set


The Currie 70 Platinum front and rear axle set for the JL Rubicon 392 are designed for the demands of all-wheel-drive and Hemi torque. Up front, the 70 Platinum features RCV axles for smooth operation at highway speeds and drive slugs to maintain full-time four-wheel-drive performance. Out back, the 70 Platinum features 4” axle tubes and full-float 40-spline chromoly axles to handle the massive power of the 392 Hemi. If you seek out the most challenging routes and toughest obstacles to conquer, the 70 Platinum axle set is a natural choice.

Currie 70 Platinum Axle Set Details:

  • Currie Exclusive High-Pinion 70 Front\70 Rear Axle Set
  • 70-Inch Width Provides Improved Clearance for Large Tires
  • Competition-Grade 10.5 in. Polished Gears with 35-Spline Pinion Shafts Front and Rear
  • RCV Front Axles for Smooth Full-Time Four-Wheel-Drive Operation at Any Speed
  • 40-spline Full-Float Rear Axles Deliver Ultimate Reliability
  • Massive 14.250” Front and 13.75” Rear Vented Rotors Provide Abundant Stopping Power
  • Front Heat Treated Chromoly Tie Rod with 1-Ton Ends
  • 8-Lug Bolt Pattern Expands Wheel Options
  • Choice of Selectable Locker and Gear Ratio

Currie 70 Platinum Features:

  • High-Clearance Center Section with Rotated Cover Improves Obstacle Slide-Over
  • Rear High-Pinion Design Raises the Driveshaft By 2” for Additional Clearance
  • Ring Gear Load Bolt Prevents Gear Deflection to Deliver Maximum High-Pinion Strength
  • High-Volume Flow-Thru Pinion Oiling System Keeps Bearings Bathed in Cool Oil
  • Rock Slider Low-Friction Skid Plate Sides Over Trail Obstacles with Ease
  • Platinum Finished Diff Covers and Gloss Black Powder Coat Housing are Exclusive to the Platinum Series

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